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"Admiral" Premium BT Controller For N64®/ Nintendo Switch®/ Nintendo Switch® Lite/ PC/ Mac®/ Android® (Black) - Hyperkin

PRICE: $39.99
n64 switch mac

Take your game night to the next level with Hyperkin’s "Admiral" Premium Wireless BT Controller for the N64®! Its comfortable, ergonomic design, high performance analog joystick, and dual Z buttons give you the edge you need to double jump, Z-target, and smash your way through any competition.



• Insert a storage memory card (not included) into the designated slot on the dongle and back up or   transfer your game memory card save data

• Wireless connectivity up to 30 ft. via included BT dongle

• Compatible with original game memory cards, third-party game memory cards, and standard storage memory cards

•Built-in lithium-ion battery lasts for 6 hours of gameplay and recharges via an included Micro cable

• Compatible with all N64® models, as well as PC, Mac®, and Android® via BT

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