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Retron 5 Firmware Updates

Below are the links to the update;

1. Download the firmware update request from the RetroN 5 by going to settings and scrolling down to the bottom and selecting Write Firmware Update Request to SD
2. Go to this link and plug in the Micro SD card into your computer.
3. Select “Choose File” from the above link
4. Select file called “retron-update-request.dat” and it should download a file onto your SD card
5. Switch on the Retron 5 if you have not already done so
6. Safely remove the SD card from your PC, then insert into your RetroN 5
7. Select “Install” on the popup
8. After the installation has completed, the system will restart and you will be running the new system software
9. Now proceed to the section RetroN 5 Application Update Instructions to complete the upgrade procedure

Update 3.0 Firmware
Update 3.1 Firmware

Please do only one update at a time.

Then follow these steps;

1) Do 0.3.0 first followed by the 0.3.1 update. Please do only one update at a time.
2) Extract a file (one file at a time) to an SD card and plug it into the back of the system.
3) Confirm the installation, let it install.
4) Power down the system, as instructed, and pull out the SD card.
5) Power up the system; it should now be updated.

Support Team