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Retron SQ Firmware Support


The RetroN Sq is powered by certain modified open-source software that falls under GPL licensing terms, as per the following list:
Software NameVersionLicense
evtest 1.33 GPL-2.0+
expat 2.2.5 MIT
fbv 1.0b GPL 2.0
ffmpeg 3.4.2 LGPL-2.1+, libjpeg license and GPL-2.0+
fontconfig 2.12.4 fontconfig license
freetype 2.8.1 Dual FTL/GPL-2.0+
giflib 5.1.4 MIT
glibc glibc-2.26-146-gd300041c533a
GPL-2.0+ (programs), LGPL-2.1+, BSD-3-Clause, MIT (library)
input-event-daemon v0.1.3 input-event-daemon license
jpeg-turbo 1.5.2 jpeg-license (BSD-3-Clause-like)
kmod 24 LGPL-2.1+ (library)
libdrm 2.4.89 MIT
libevdev 1.5.8 X11
libffi 3.2.1 MIT
libglib2 2.54.2 LGPL-2.0+
libgudev 230 LGPL-2.1+
libinput 1.8.2 MIT
liblockfile 1.09 LGPL-2.0+, GPL-2.0+ (dotlockfile)
libopenssl 1.0.2n OpenSSL or SSLeay
libpng 1.2.59 libpng license
libpthread-stubs 0.4 MIT
libretro-vbam 36b011c72e5e6f7be4ce
GPL 2.0
libretro-mgba ca9c9119ded9c112eafd
MPL 2.0
libselinux 2.7 Public Domain
libsepol 2.7 LGPL-2.1+
libusb 1.0.21 GPL 2.1
libxkbcommon 0.7.1 MIT/X11
libxml2 2.9.7 MIT
libzlib 1.2.11 Zlib
linux-headers 4.4.118 GPL 2.0
lockfile-progs 0.1.17 GPL 2.0
memtester 4.3.0 GPL 2.0
mesa3d 17.3.6 MIT, SGI, Khronos
mpp-release 1.3.8 Apache 2.0
mtdev 1.1.4 MIT
ncurses 6 MIT with advertising clause
pcre 8.41 BSD-3-Clause
pixman 0.34.0 MIT
pm-utils 1.4.1 GPL-2.0+
readline 7 GPL 3.0
retroarch 3e27a504ed3b3675d377
GPL 3.0
rt-tests 1 GPL-2.0+
sdl2 2.0.12 zlib license
No permission issue.    
sdl2_gfx 1.0.1 zlib license
No permission issue.    
sdl2_image 2.0.1 zlib license
No permission issue.    
sdl2_mixer 2.0.1 zlib license
No permission issue.    
sdl2_ttf 2.0.14 zlib license
No permission issue.    
upower 0.99.4 GPL-2.0+
usbdevice 0.0.1 Apache V2.0
usbmount 0.0.22 BSD-2-Clause
util-linux 2.31.1 GPL-2.0+, BSD-4-Clause, LGPL-2.1+ (libblkid, libfdisk, libmount), BSD-3-Clause (libuuid) ISC (rfkill)
wayland 1.14.0 MIT
wayland-protocols 1.12 MIT
weston 3.0.0 MIT
xkeyboard-config 2.22 GPL 2.0

All software titles included are provided as-is and are not affiliated with nor endorsed by the respective authors. Hyperkin encourages the gaming community to create custom builds to preserve and popularize the legacy of retro video games. We stand for responsible use of open-source projects. We do not endorse piracy or infringing of rights of any form.
By sharing and contributing custom builds intended to use on this project with the gaming community, you here agree:
• To do so in full compliance with the respective intellectual property rights and regulations.
• Hyperkin may use your build, altered or as-is, in future releases of this product, without your explicit permission as covered by the terms of open-source software.


Firmware Update SD Image Version 1.2

V 1.2 Release Notes

• Improved framerate for Game Boy Advance®
• Aspect Ratio is now console accurate for Game Boy Advance®

Note: All in-game saves are stored on the RetroN Sq. Saving in-game will not affect the save data on your game cartridge. ** Updating the firmware on the Micro SD card will delete all game saves and game progress
stored on the RetroN Sq (save data on the cartridge will not be affected)**.
This may change in the future.

Firmware Update SD Image Version 1.1 (Day Zero Patch) CLICK TO DOWNLOAD VER. 1.1

RetroN Sq Stock Firmware SD Image Version 1.0 CLICK TO DOWNLOAD VER. 1.0

MicroSD MicroSD
We recommend using a 512mb memory
card (Micro SD) with the RetroN Sq.




Required Items
1. Windows PC
2. Micro SD Card (included in the retroN Sq)
3. Micro SD Card Reader (Internal or external reader)
4. Internet Connection


1. Extract the "zip" file which should give you a ".img" file

2. Download and install USB Image Tool

3. With the RetroN Sq turned off, remove your Micro SD card from the RetroN Sq.

4. Insert the Micro SD card into your PC. If using an external USB Micro SD card reader, insert it into your
PC, then insert your Micro SD card.

5. Open USB Image Tool and make sure the Micro SD is selected in Device Mode.

6. Click Restore and select the ".img" file you just extracted. When prompted if you would like to restore the image. Select "Yes". The firmwire will begin flashing to the card.

7. Once it's done, You must safely eject the Micro SD card. Remove the card from the reader.

8. IInsert the Micro SD back into the RetroN Sq. The RetroN Sq is now ready to be used.




Does this play Game Boy Advance cartridges?
Currently, compatibility with Game Boy Advance® cartridges is a beta feature. Some titles may work, but not at 100% capacity and for the most part, not as they are intended to work. This will hopefully be updated once new versions of the firmware become available.


Aside from the pack-in controller, what other controllers are supported?
The RetroN Sq supports Hyperkin BT controllers: Cadet, Scout, and Admiral via the upcoming AlphaStar BT adapter accessory. Click here to purchase the AlphaStar!


Why is there a Memory Card slot in the back?
The memory card houses the firmware for the RetroN Sq. The console cannot operate unless the memory card is inserted.


Can the RetroN Sq play imported cartridges: Japan, PAL, Germany, etc.?
Originally there were no region restrictions for the original Game Boy®, Game Boy Color®, and Game Boy Advance® systems. The RetroN Sq is region free.