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"X88" Wireless Legacy Headset for Xbox One/Xbox Series X/Windows 10 - Hyperkin – Officially Licensed by Xbox

PRICE: $39.99

Whether you are on a covert mission, battling galactic forces, or deep in the trenches, all strategic operations can change at a moment's notice. Broadcast your orders loud and clear with the officially Xbox-licensed Hyperkin "X88" Headset for Xbox One and Xbox Series X! Strategize with your teammates on the fly with crystal clear chat audio and unrivaled microphone quality. The 3 different earpieces (1 large earhook, 1 small earhook, and 1 earloop) provide a classic yet ergonomic design that gives you a nostalgia fix while preventing ear fatigue during long gaming sessions. Each earpiece contours to the shape of your ear for a more comfortable and stable fit. The rechargeable battery gives you a solid line of communication for up to five hours. Once finished playing, plug in your headset and charge up via the provided Type-C charging cable. Lead your teammates to victory with Hyperkin!     FEATURES • Crystal clear chat audio and microphone • Wireless signal via USB dongle • 3 different earpieces included to accommodate most fits and sizes (1 large earhook, 1 small earhook, and 1 earloop) • Ergonomic design: prevents ear fatigue during long gaming sessions • Compatible with all voice chat enabled games, especially FPS co-ops and MMOs • Built-in volume button, power button, and battery life LED indicator • Rechargeable via provided Type-C charging cable (Up to 4 hours of battery life) • Compatible with the Xbox One family of devices and the upcoming Xbox Series X  

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